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There’s nothing worse than losing all your contacts. Literally years worth of accumulated data, right? If you are panicking, you should skip right down to the bottom for the solution, it works great!

Being the early adopter that I am, I of course installed the new Apple OS as soon as I could. It went pretty well, except for the sudden lose of all my contacts.

The first symptom of the lose was an incredible sluggishness in Mail. When I opened up the Mail Activity Window, the only thing there, and stuck there, was the message Searching contacts

Hmm. Why is it doing that? Let’s look in the Contacts app. After a long delay in opening (due to the same searching contacts issue I presume), I was presented an empty Address Book.

What to do? Check iCloud, yes! Whew, contacts are still all there. So this is a syncing issue.

Time to scour the Apple Support Forums.

I am not alone:

No contacts after installing mountain Lion… : Apple Support Communities.

The Solution, if all your contacts are still on iCloud:

Quit the Contacts app if it is open.

Open your System Preferences and click iCloud. Untick the Contacts Icon.

Open your Library Folder (Option Click the Go Menu in the Finder to see it) and go to the Application Support folder

Make a quick backup by copying the AddressBook folder to your Desktop (just in case!)

Delete everything inside the AddressBook folder.

Go back to the the iCloud Preference Pane and Tick the Contacts Icon.

Open the Contacts app.

Everything should flow back from iCloud within a few seconds.

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